Grading Sylabus


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We follow the same system of grading used by most martial arts clubs, that of 10 Kyu grades to black belt.

Gradings held on a regular 3 or 4 month basis by a grading panel of at least 2 black belts 3rd.Dan or above.


Mon grade system for juniors (up to 16 years)

A Mon grade is a full junior grade, sometimes a junior may progress at a grading to a temporary Mon grade,full Mon grade or move up to the next kyu grade.

If the latter occurs this would show exceptional improvement since the last grading & would in effect constitute a "double" grade.


Explanation of Temporary Grade

This pass entitles the holder to the facilities of that grade, with the understanding that it was a "borderline"pass and that grade must be confirmed at the next examination.

As an example a student awarded a temporary 6th kyu will wear a green belt and at the next grading may progress to a 6th kyu, temporary 5th kyu or a full 5th kyu depending on standard.


Rules regarding grades from other associations.

Any Karateka from another association or style who joins the SSKD may wear the belt of that grade they previously attained.

This remains a grade of that previous association until such time as it has been confirmed by the SSKD grading panel.


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