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New for 2014 - English Karate Council awarded funding by Sport England to establish one body to represent karate in England.

Sussex Shotokan Karate-Do association was formed during 1988, with the aim of teaching the principles and ideals of Shotokan Karate.

We are licensed through the Amateur Martial Association who are members of English Karate Federation the Governing Board for karate in the UK, who in turn are recognized by the Sport England.

Sussex Shotokan Karate-Do clubs practice the traditional Shotokan style as laid down by Gichin Funakoshi, we will continue to develop the style. All our clubs now have junior classes as these are our future, however all clubs train adult beginners and other Shotokan students.

English Karate Federation define karate as “fundamentally the practice of blocking, striking, punching and kicking techniques for the purpose of health, self-development and defense within a specific code of behavior peculiar to all historical Japanese etiquette, mutual respect and structured hierarchy


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